Season 2 of Pinky Dinky Doo aired from 2008 to 2011.

# Title Great Big Fancy Word Summary Interactive Moment #1 Interactive Moment #2 Aired
53 Pinky Thinky Doo discouraged When Pinky can't find the final piece in her 3D robot puzzle, Grandma Dinky Doo teaches her to think big. What came first? What Was My Big Idea? September 6, 2008
54 Big Brain Block storyteller When Pinky gets storyteller's block, she and Tyler make up a story about making up a story in Made-Up Story Land. Was This the Setting? What Came First? September 13, 2008
55 Tooting Trunk disruptive The Dinky Doos help an elephant remember his favorite song, and teach him not to be disruptive. What's the Name of My Story? Was This the Setting? September 20, 2008
56 In The Dark reluctant Sir Guinea Pig the Brave Explorer conquers his fear of the dark when he goes to find the Magic Corn of Popping. Eat It or Wear It? What Was my Big Idea? September 27, 2008
57 Stinky Pinky Doo mortified Some of Pinky's friends make fun of her for having bad breath. When she has an opportunity to make fun of Daphne, Pinky learns to treat people the way she wants to be treated. Note: The book version of this episode has the name "Pinky Stinky Doo" What Was my Big Idea? The Great Big Fancy Word Game October 4, 2008
58 Kooky Cook-Off collaborate Pinky and her friends learn to collaborate when they enter a cooking contest in outer space. October 11, 2008
59 Speed Rocket persistent When Speed Rocket Guinea Pig enters a big race, he learns to be persistent even when he's having some trouble. October 18, 2008
60 The Great Biscotti expert When Nicholas puts on a magic show that goes wrong, Pinky helps him learn how to ask for help. October 25, 2008
61 The Trip Not Taken journey Jinkins the butler misses his family! Pinky and Daphne help him make a video about his friends to send to his family. What Came First? What Was my Big Idea? November 1, 2008
62 Always Ask First permission When things go missing all around Great Big City, Pinky and the gang must find a giant pink gorilla and teach him to ask before taking something. November 8, 2008
63 Burpzilla concentrate A Miggy Monster named Burpzilla has eaten the city's electrical plant! The Super Duper Doos must learn to concentrate so they can find out why Burpzilla is acting this way. November 15, 2008
64 Happy Burp Day unique Pinky and her friends travel to Squeedorp Prime in search of a unique birthday present for Daffinee. November 22, 2008
65 Tyler's Storybox Disaster dilemma After Tyler accidentally breaks the Story Box, Pinky tells a story about a disaster in Great Big City and teaches him about doing the right thing and helping others. What Came First? Who Were the Main Characters? November 29, 2008
66 Balloony Feet quest Daphne has trouble finding shoes for a fashion show when her "balloony feet" keep changing sizes. What's the Name of My Story? Who Were the Main Characters? December 6, 2008
67 Big Blob of Talk hullabaloo Pinky's friend Blobby isn't listening. When he gets stuck, Pinky needs to listen big. December 13, 2008
68 Vicki Chicken December 20, 2008
69 The Thundering Thesaurus December 27, 2008
70 The Pinkys Rock January 3, 2009
71 The Mystery Planet January 10, 2009
72 Octopus in Tap Shoes January 17, 2009
73 Pinky Dinky Rex January 24, 2009
74 Puppy Go Seek January 31, 2009
75 Pop The Corn February 7, 2009
76 Lord of the Pies February 14, 2009
77 Great Big Nature February 21, 2009
78 Monkey Town February 28, 2009
79 Loch Mess Lobster March 7, 2009
80 Super Doo and Traffic Too March 14, 2009
81 The Two Daffinees March 21, 2009
82 Hot Hot Hot March 28, 2009
83 The Legend of Big Blue April 4, 2009
84 Ponytail Power April 11, 2009
85 Pinky's Perfect Present April 18, 2009
86 Pinky Squeaks April 25, 2009
87 Great Big Bean Festival May 2, 2009
88 Are You My Mummy? May 9, 2009
89 Tyler's Silly Shirt May 16, 2009
90 Pinky's Missing Page May 23, 2009
91 Tipsy Topsy May 30, 2009
92 Growing Up Stretchy June 6, 2009
93 Squeedorp Grand June 13, 2009
94 The Pinky-riffic Hat June 20, 2009
95 Tyler and the 4 M's June 27, 2009
96 A Promise is a Promise July 4, 2009
97 What's Bugging Tyler July 11, 2009
98 Mr. Guinea Pig's Museum October 31, 2009
99 Teeny Weeny Waste November 14, 2009
100 Pinky and the Duck December 5, 2009
101 Great Big New Year January 2, 2010
102 Pinky's Happy Doo Year January 2, 2010
103 Pinky's Silliest Story January 9, 2010
104 Tyler's Big Idea April 8, 2011