Set Up

Tyler tries to play his game, but he needs to do his chores first.


Before Pinky works on her comic, she has to sit on:

A. a cactus B. a pile of cheese bread C, her special chair

The answer is C, her special chair, Then she gets interrupted thrice times by Mommy, Daddy, and Tyler. Then she had a lot of chores, so she had to duplicate herself with her Pinky Dinky Duplicator. So she duplicates herself thrice so the real Pinky can't do her chores. She then tries to work on her comic again, but then she gets interrupted twice by Mommy and Daddy again. Mr. Guniea Pig tries to duplicate herself, but it does not work. He accidently set off the Pinky Dinky Duplicator by making too many copys as he left. And the duplicator started with lots of Pinkys. All Pinky's made a mess during chores by doing too many of one of them. They made a flood and they made too much ducks to hang up. She then runs to her room and the Pinkys made a mess in every room, She then has a big idea and lures them to the comic. Then she Zip Zam Zooms through all of her chores and she will never duplicate herself again.

Big Idea

Pinky thinks she would lure the fake Pinkys into her Comic

Great Big Fancy Word


Cultral Refrences

  • When the episode is almost over, it is similar to the pre-ending to the SpongeBob Squarepants Episode "Frankendoodle" where Spongebob lured Doodlebob into a piece of paper, and in this Pinky Dinky Doo episode, Pinky lured her copys to her comic