The Really Red Apartments is the apartment building where Pinky and her family live. The apartment building is in Great Big City, on a street with other apartment buildings.


The Really Red Apartments were built a long time ago, most likely before Grandma Dinky Doo (Pinky's Grandmother) was born. In recent times, Pinky's family moved in when Pinky was born.

It is called the "Really Red" Apartments, because, of course, it's really red.

It is unknown in the real world that Nicholas Biscuit, Pinky's best friend, lives in the apartments. Daphne Toliette, Pinky's other best friend, lives in the Ooh La La Towers (next door to the Really Red Apartments), although, the Ooh La La Towers may only exist in the made up stories.

Really Red Apartments Noggin Nick Jr.

What it looked like in 2005-2011.

Apartment Statistics



Pinky Dinky Doo Really Red Apartments Pilot Nick Jr

This is what the really red apartments looked like in the pilot in 2004.


  • It is four stories long.
  • There is a tree, with flowers growing on it, in front of the building.
  • The building is, of course, feature in both real life and in the made up stories.