Shrinky Pinky is a Season 1 episode of Pinky Dinky Doo. In this episode, Pinky shrinks herself to tiny proportions so she can avoid a new girl at school who seems mean.


Tyler is sad about a bully in school, while a new student is coming. Pinky and her classmates think it's a green, slimy monster. However, it is revealed to be Lane Puppytray. Unfortunately, at school, Lane steals from Pinky in the lunch line, thus getting her in trouble. It's also revealed that Lane breaks her favorite flower pen, tore her homework, and squashed her newest "bluest" shoes. So Pinky decides to shrink herself to avoid being picked on by Lane. Unfortunately, when she goes to her while shrunk, Lane doesn't respond to Pinky, and she doesn't get a response from Daphne or Nicholas either. Pinky goes back home, in Mr. Guinea Pig's cage. Mr Guinea Pig waters Pinky, enlarging her back to her normal size.