TJ is a boy character from Pinky Dinky Doo. He is one of Pinky's friends.

He is 7 years old, like Daffinee and Pinky. He made several cameos in episodes of Season 1, like Pinky's Awful Good Day, Pinky's Great Big Concert, Where Are My Shoes?, Pinky Dinky Doo and the Outer Space Fluffy Buns, Pinky and the New Teacher. Boom! Sonic Boom!, Mr. Guinea Pig, Superstar, Mr. Guinea Pig and the Big Bone, Tyler's Too Cool Game, Back to School is Cool, Pinky's Big Talent, and Two Wheel Dreams. However, his last appearance in the show was in Two Wheel Dreams. He didn't appear in the Season 2 episodes. His first appearance in the show was in Where Are My Shoes?. He was playing a French Horn (Like Pinky's) in the episode Pinky's Great Big Concert, and he make a speaking appearance, and same as Boom! Sonic Boom!. He is voiced by Cameron Ansell.