When a famous tenor loses his voice, Tyler is chosen to fill in for him!

Set Up

Tyler's class musical is tomorrow and Tyler is nervous about singing in front of an audience.

Tall Tale

It's Mommy Dinky Doo's birthday and she's getting a surprise gift. It is

A.The ability to sleep and talk at the same time B.A horse C.A trip to a show

The answer is C, a trip to a special show. Pinky decides they would go to the opera. Daddy Dinky Doo turns on the TV, and the news reporter talks about a magnificent opera singer performing at Great Big City. Unfortunately, though, he has lost his voice after singing so much. Mommy is sad but Daddy tells her that they'll find a replacement. So the Dinky Doos go to the opera and meet the singer. Mr. Guinea Pig points out that he once joined a bunch of pigs who were opera singers, too. So Pinky decides to let Mr. Guinea Pig fill in for the sick opera singer. She dresses Mr. Guinea Pig up in a nifty opera singer outfit. He tries out, and the manager decides to let him do it. Unfortunately, before the show starts, the stage crew has gotten sick, too. So Pinky decides to let her friends, Nicholas, Bobby, and Daffinee fill in for them. But the conductor for the orchestra is missing, so Pinky fills in for him, too. Then Mr. Guinea Pig walks up onto the stage and sings. But then HE loses his voice. So Pinky decides to think big.

Big Idea

Pinky decides to let Tyler step in for the sick opera singer. Mr. Guinea Pig gives Tyler a costume to wear. Tyler feels a bit nervous, though, and has never sung in front of an audience before. But he manages to sing anyway, and the audience loves it. Tyler is a magnificent opera singer.


Tyler realizes that singing in front of an audience isn't as bad as it looks, as long as his sister is with him.