Tyler Dinky Doo and the Pirate Crew is an episode of Pinky Dinky Doo in Season 1. In this episode, when a pirate ship picks up Pinky and Tyler, they learn that even pirates have to clean up after themselves.


Pinky and Tyler are cleaning up their room when all of a sudden, a pirate ship appears from the sky. And Pinky's parents have become pirates and Pirate King tells them to Come Aboard Mateys. Pinky and Tyler get onto the ship and tell Captain Dinky Doo that his ship is really messy. Tyler thinks that this adventure is going to be exhilarating. Then they set sail. Then Pinky and Tyler dress up as pirates to fit in. Then they have some root beer with the other pirates and they all sing a song about how great it is to be a pirate. Then Captain Dinky Doo lets Tyler steer the ship. The pirates then jump into the sea. When they get back on the ship, Mommy Dinky Pirate tells Pinky and Tyler that it's time to clean up. Pinky decides that the pirates will put the mess in:

  • A. under their pillows,
  • B.inside a roast turkey,
  • or C. in an empty treasure chest.

The answer is C, in an empty treasure chest. They're just about to clean the mess up when all of a sudden, a windy storm occurs. The wind blows so hard, that the sails on the ship blow off. So Pinky decides to think big. Pinky decides to make new sails out of the pirates' clothing. When the storm ends, the pirates have more root beer and sing their song again.